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Frequently asked Questions

Q:  When do we do senior portraits?

A:  Nickolson's is a full time local studio and we are open M-F 10 to 6.  We make appointments that works with your schedule.  Unlike school pictures we do not tell you what time to come and only offer a couple of days.  

Q  When do you get to see the portraits?

A:  Ordering appointments are schedule about a week after your session.

Q:  Is there a minimum order?

A:  We do have a small minimum order for our senior sessions.  Most sessions the minimum order is $150.
Q:  Do I have to go to school for pictures?

A:  Yes, you do if you want to be in the yearbook.  You don't have a choice who you go to for your yearbook photo.   However you do get to choose who you go to for portraits that you want to share with your family and friends.


Q:  Do I have to buy pictures from school to be in the yearbook?

A:  No you don't!  You simply have to pay the session fee they charge for the yearbook photo.


Q:  How much do portraits cost?

A:  That is a little different for everyone.  Not everyone has the same needs so we offer custom options for you.  Create your own package with our individual portrait options starting at $30.  Also there are senior mini packages beginning at $74 up to larger senior collections.  Most senior families spend in the $250 to $450 range.


Q:  Can I buy digital files?

A:  Yes, we do have digital packages and individual file options as well.


Q:  Can I share my pictures on social media?

A:  We give you free social media files for any portraits you order from.


Q:  Do you offer graduation cards?

A:  We offer a variety of custom graduation cards.  The cards are personalized with your name,  your portraits, and custom wording as well.